gulf oil spill health hazards


although the macondo well was capped, crude oil and dispersants persist in parts of gulf region, so the health information in the reports below remains relevant.




technical information for medical care providers and researchers: *


report on gulf oil spill health hazards summarizing the toxicological and epidemiological information on crude oil and dispersants. 

   pdf format at:


clinical health evaluation summary (1 page) of the approach used at an occupational health clinic, by dr. michael harbut, professor of medicine, wayne state university: 


"curbside consult" explaining some clinical issues in more detail:

            audio (mp3) (22 minutes, 10 mb)

            video (wmv) (22 minutes, 170 mb, no visual training aids)



public information: *


one page summaries of crude oil health hazards.  these do not cover dispersants.

for the general public:

for workers:




* this does not contain any information that should be construed as specific medical guidance for an individual patient. 



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